Mackerel potato patties topped with sambal veggies

Cooking is a wonderful hobby and I certainly enjoy every aspect of it – planning dishes, trying out new recipes, adding little twists here and there, varying the sauces, preparing the ingredients, frying, boiling, stewing, etc. ¬†But the best part about cooking is my man eagerly eating everything and being very happy afterwards ūüėõ

So 1 night when we had our last meal late, I prepared something light. ¬†The dish is so cheap, I almost feel embarrassed for the people who whine that healthy, home-cooked dinners are too expensive. ¬†If one doesn’t eat enough junk food to feed a village at every meal, there WILL be enough to spend to prepare healthy dishes at home #haes.


Take a can of mackerel.  Use just 1 or 2 of them.  Mash, then mix together with 2 mashed potatoes.  Shape into mini balls, flatten slightly and brush with egg.  Fry them till browned and crisp, then set aside.  Melt fresh butter, brown garlic and cook sliced onions and green peppers and diced mushrooms till soft.  Add stock as needed.

A few drops of soy sauce, a dash or 2 of Chinese rice wine and enough sambal is enough to make the veggies tasty.  Spoon onto patties : )


Wishing you fun,



The cheapest and most effective torture device in the world

I would like to introduce you to the cheapest and most effective torture device in the world ūüėõ ¬†When your spouse/partner/boyfriend or girlfriend is totally unreasonable, it’s a very good way to get back at them AND they can’t be mad at you ūüėõ ¬†Well, they CAN, but unless they’re nut cases, chances are, they’ll laugh and play with you ūüėõ ¬†And you can have the satisfaction of tormenting them ahahahahahahahaha ūüėõ

So here’s what you do ūüėõ


All you need is a square of toilet paper. ¬†Peel off 1 layer and twist a corner till it’s really sharp. ¬†Then when your unreasonable spouse is fast asleep, position yourself so that you can avoid their flailing arms and reflex actions ūüėõ ¬†Ready? ¬†Right. ¬†Stick your torture device into his or her nostril ūüėõ

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ūüėõ ¬†Sometimes they wake up right away. ¬†Sometimes, when in a deep sleep, they start scratching their noses, slowly woken up by the itch ūüėõ

So what do you do after you’ve tormented your partner and are scared of their potential wrath?

I’ll tell you what you do:

RUN ūüėõ

Wishing you fun,


Spam, eggs, ham and brown gravy on toast

There’re many definitions of ‘a strong woman’. ¬†Some women have ridiculed me when I comment on an article, equating the willingness to co-operate and support the men in my life with incapability, submissiveness and stupidity. ¬†They shut up when they realise I have a degree, am a specialist in my field and manage a team ūüėõ

A strong, confident woman doesn’t need to be super abrasive. ¬†She doesn’t have to compete with men for recognition, accolades, promotions and the limelight. ¬†When my boss and I first worked together, I made it clear that I wasn’t looking to surpass him; rather, I would like to support him. ¬†After demonstrating this on several occasions, my boss trusts me. ¬†He seeks my opinion and listens to suggestions because he’s confident that he has the final say. ¬†He trusts my decisions for the team in his absence because he’s always informed. ¬†We work on problems and complaints together. ¬†He confides in me when life deals him a tough blow – about work and his private life.

Recently, he said he isn’t my boss; we’re friends. ¬†He’s also fought hard for my promotion because there’s a woman at work – 1 of those proud ‘strong women’ who felt I was competition and sought ways and means to halt my career progression – who opposed it vehemently and has been this way ever since she began her career.

Eventually, I got what I deserved : ) ¬†Why? ¬†Because I seek to co-operate with men rather than compete with them. ¬†They depend on my unwavering support and encouragement, as well as seek my opinion. ¬†Does this make me a weak woman? ¬†Not necessarily. ¬†Conversely, it’s the emotional strength that make these men in my life want to be even better. ¬†Everyone wins!

If feminists want to have it all, there’re many ways of achieving it. ¬†Theirs isn’t necessarily the best way. ¬†So if doing what I can to support my man and let him look forward to being with me is being submissive, so be it. ¬†There’s a saying that behind every great man is a great woman. ¬†I like playing the supporting role : )

And 1 of the ways to support my man is to cook! : )


This is really easy to make and a tasty morning treat!  Cut away the skins of white bread and half them, then toast till crisp.  Cut spam into rectangles roughly about the size of the halved bread slices.  Slice ham really thin.  Season 2 eggs with soy sauce, herbs and pepper.

Heat butter in a pan and brown garlic. ¬†Fry spam and ham till cooked through and hot. ¬†Set aside, reserving the grease and chopped garlic in the pan. ¬†Scramble the eggs, then turn off the heat when they’re about 3/4 cooked through. ¬†Continue letting the eggs cook, then slide them into a dish.

Scoop 1 piece of spam onto toast, then layer with scrambled eggs.  Drizzle brown gravy on the eggs, then top with the ham julienne.  Microwave them for about 20 seconds before serving.


Wishing you fun,


Mapo tofu

There’s the perception that Asian women are:

Easy to bed.


Stupid dolls.



So destitute, we’re desperate to migrate to a western country.

These are the derogatory remarks some bitter western women make when they see white men with Asian partners.

Let me just help you get off your high horses a little : )




Many of us are every bit as educated and capable as our western counterparts, thank you very much.  Here is a catch up with friends over a restaurant meal.  Does it look shabby at all to you?


*eh hem*

So what was that you’re saying again? ūüėõ

For the record, not all of us worship white men. ¬†They’re men! ¬†We’re not so desperate for your arrogant and pompous alpha boys. ¬†What we look for is strength and integrity in our partners. ¬†In other words, good and decent men who know how to take care of us.


Sorry to burst your bubble, ladies ūüėõ

We do it all AND find time to take care of and feed our men.


Fry minced pork and chopped garlic in butter till the meat is browned nicely.  Add egg tofu and stock, let it simmer a little.  Add soy sauce, pepper and a little sambal to taste, then finish off with Chinese rice wine before turning off the heat.  Serve immediately with rice or noodles.

Asian women aren’t empty-headed dolls. ¬†Not all of us are eager to sleep with Caucasian men. ¬†We still retain our traditional values and morals; we’d much rather date and wait to see if a man is good and decent enough to love and spend our time with.

So the next time you see a white man and asian woman couple, perhaps you could be a tad more open-minded and acknowledge that love CAN exist between them. ¬†It probably does and it’s not always because of yellow fever or white fever. ¬†It’s because 2 people, regardless of race, decided that they’re meant to be together.

Love is a beautiful thing.  Try not to cheapen it, yah? : )

Wishing you fun,


Tom yum goong

My man looks forward to mealtimes, especially on weekends : ) ¬†He’ll eagerly ask what is for brunch or dinner and, when it’s time for me to start cooking, he flashes a winning smile and an enthusiastic ‘Yay!’ ūüėõ ¬†Another plus: after a yummy meal, he’s affectionate, accommodating and sweet ūüėõ ¬†It makes spending time together more peaceful : )

From time to time, it’s comfortable to have a light, healthy yet flavourful meal. ¬†For this dish, I used cod fillet, shrimp, sliced shiitake mushrooms and sliced radish. ¬†Radish is very hard to soften, so I boil the slices or microwave them before working on the rest of the ingredients.

Fry the mushrooms in a little butter till soft, add the radish and the shrimp. ¬†Fry till the shrimp until they start to turn pink, then add the stock and bring to a boil. ¬†Reduce heat, add the cod till it’s cooked and flakes easily. ¬†Remove the shrimp and cod and place in serving bowls.

Add tom yum paste, a little soy sauce and Chinese rice wine to the soup. ¬†Turn off the heat and add an egg, gently whisking around till it forms pieces. ¬†Pour over the shrimp and cod. ¬†There you have it………



Wishing you fun,


Stuffed mushrooms

My Man was working late 1 night, but he happily prepared the ingredients for supper : ) ¬†So whilst he was busy working, I also busied myself in our little haven – the kitchen. ¬†It was fun planning supper. ¬†When it was done, I texted him a photo of it. ¬†Soon enough, he replied, “Back in xx minutes.”

Pampering your guy that little bit with a home-cooked meal gives him something to look forward to at the end of a long and tiring day. ¬†Even if men don’t say it, being greeted with a warm smile and tasty food gives them a warm and fuzzy wuzzy feeling. ¬†As a male colleague said, “It makes us feel loved.”


Heat up butter in a pan and brown some garlic.  Fry some chopped bacon, then scoop into a dish, reserving the grease and fat.  Cook shiitake mushrooms, then place them on microwaveable dishes.  Scoop bacon and garlic into each mushroom and top with mozzarella cheese.

When My Man finished work, I heated these up in the microwave until the cheese was melted.


Wishing you fun,


Cold soba with ham and wafu sauce

In the US, the UK, Australia and select parts of Europe, feminism has taken a distinctive, sinister turn. ¬†Women think they’re equal to men and that they’re entitled to do everything men can do – including engaging in the female version of ‘manwhore’ behaviour, such as sleeping around, being female chauvinists and bashing men.

Yet, when men protest against this phenomenon, these shemales then turn around and viciously berate the men, swearing at them in utterly vulgar language and accusing them of being sexist.  So how is bashing men and tarring all with the same tainted brush not sexist as well?  It truly boggles the mind.

My Man and I discuss this sometimes; his opinion is that it’s the reason they remain alone. ¬†I hafta agree. ¬†Yes, they end up alone. ¬†No man is gonna wanna sign up for such torment. ¬†Many western women think that they shouldn’t cook until a man puts a wedding ring on their fingers. ¬†This is how they win commitment.

Except… it isn’t. ¬†Once a man spends most of his time with a woman, it already demonstrates commitment on his part. ¬†He could be using that time hanging out with the boys, sports, hobbies, spending time with his parents, so on and so forth. ¬†Why shouldn’t he then be rewarded with creature comforts such as a hot home-cooked meal?


To each her own *shrug* ¬†Meanwhile, weekend lunches are usually light and simple affairs. ¬†We usually share 1 portion of food. ¬†The weather has been hot as a furnace lately, so I prepared this rare cold dish and he loves it! : ) ¬†It’s incredibly simple and fast to make, with minimal cooking involved!

Buckwheat soba, cooked and chilled, is mixed with ham julienne and drizzled with wafu sauce.  Wafu sauce is a savoury and tangy delight, made by mixing equal parts Japanese shoyu and grain vinegar and just a drop or 2 of veggie oil.  I use sesame oil for fragrance.  Chill it, then pour over the cold noodles and ham.


Wishing you fun,