Eating late doesn’t cause obesity

You’ve heard it before.

‘Don’t eat after XXXpm.’

Together with many other so-called ‘rules’ of weight loss, they make for a very restricted life indeed.  In this entry, I’ll show you that I have suppers, often just before bedtime.  Sometimes, with beer!😛  But I’m still far from obese and my weight is within the healthy range.


A bloody kilo of crayfish, eaten with beer in Batam.


Mixed veggies and cuttlefish


Salted egg yolk ribs


Salted fish with steamed pork and stewed chicken with Chinese sausage


Deep fried wantons


Baked ham with mozzarella and cheddar slices

You know the deal with suppers.  They’re eaten AFTER dinner and just before bedtime.  Since they’re frequently consumed with beer, you would expect that I’m the size of a barnyard animal by now.  But nope!  I’m still a size 0, i.e. the unrealistic expectations of beauty!😛

Mind you, Cherry and my beautician aren’t afraid of having beer or wine late.  They’re not afraid of the late night munchies.  Granted, they cannot eat as much as I do, but they don’t need to eat proportions that equate to starving.  So here’s the secret – most of these foods are fresh.

You can have supper with beer and you still won’t develop the huge beer gut that people claim they have due to drinking.  Nope, it doesn’t work that way.  It has a lot to do with what you eat on a regular basis.  Are the rest of your meals balanced and healthy?

Let’s not forget, however, that I fidget A LOT.  It took Cherry and my beautician some time to consciously make fidgeting a part of their lives, because it was only in order to help them that I had to describe to them how often I fidget.  I will write about this in a later entry so that it hopefully helps people fight against the flab.

But what this post tells you is this.  What time you eat doesn’t matter.  It’s the food you eat and how much you move.  Don’t be afraid to eat late.  But make sure you move enough.

Wishing you fun,


Strop being a douche to fat people

I’m firmly against fat logic but I’ve also made my stand clear in this blog.  I’m wholly against the torment and humiliation of fat people.  As people, they deserve basic respect accorded to human beings.  Yet, recently, something happened to Amanda and it was truly horrifying.

Although Amanda was love scammed, she hadn’t given up hope of finding true love and getting married.  She still gave online dating another go.  Well, she shared her interaction with 2 dudes and the insults they hurled at her while they were conversing.

Ok, to be fair, Amanda wasn’t exactly nice to them.  Alright, she was a tad rude.  But she didn’t once call them names nor insult them.  What did the guys do?  One said she was an ugly woman.  The second told her she should be happy that he was willing to look beyond her ‘fat figure’.


Tsk tsk, you meanies!

Granted, I can understand if the lads were rude back, but to stoop to insults and humiliation was too much.  C’mon, just respond in the same curt manner that she did, if you must, but there’s no need to be so vicious when cutting a person down to size (figuratively speaking).

As mentioned in earlier posts, Amanda projects her negative body image issues and this, in addition to a very domineering personality, makes her very difficult to deal with and caused the end of many friendships, including ours.  However, not once did I ever insult her due to her weight.

There’re certain boundaries that normal human beings with any shred of decency won’t cross.  These guys definitely crossed the line and it ain’t nice at all.

Wishing you fun,


Buffet again at Saltwater Cafe

Kelly loves his buffets.  He’d wanted to go to Brazil Churrasco again, but I suggested some variety instead.  We headed to Saltwater Cafe where it isn’t so crowded.  Dressed in a pink cropped top from Neonmello and white skorts Cherry chose for me when we visited Malacca, I felt comfortably stylish : )


Cherry had grown a little chubby since returning to Cebu to visit her family.  Now that she’s back in Singapore, she’s returned to healthier eating habits and being more active in order to fit into the clothes I passed to her again.  Here she is in a top that was too big for me.


There was a hotel staff walking around the tables and giving kids free balloons.  Here’s angelic-looking (but a mischievous lil’ imp in disguise :P) Noe with her heart wand.


After 1 plate of seafood, I fell in love and returned time and again for second, third and more helpings!😛  My man and the rest similarly helped themselves to the fresh and succulent shellfish.  We focused on those so much that we neglected to try the other dishes😛


Without anyone to encourage unhealthy eating habits, Kelly ate like the rest of us – plenty of fresh food and little junk.  I hope that he manages to lose more weight as his health deteriorated as his belly grew.  He has to take high blood pressure pills and gets frequent headaches.  Cherry and I are worried that he may be at risk for a stroke.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take a serious health scare for him to take more action to get his weight in check.  I can share what I know, but it’s up to people whether or not they want to give it a try.  Cherry did and saw results, although she did lapse a little when she returned to the Philippines to visit family.  She’s now back on track.

My cousin, however, is a tad more resistant to change.  As family, we care about him not to give up but he has to want it enough to do something with the information that I’ve shared.

Wishing you fun,


Yes, we can tell how active you are versus how much you eat

The body positive community argues that you can’t tell how healthy a person is based on appearance.  For example, Tess Holliday, arguably the most famous obese supermodel, regularly posts photos of her exercising with her personal trainer or being active on social media.

Ok, ok, calm down, Tess.  We hear you loud and clear that you practice Health At Every Size, ok?  Ok.  So why are people still commenting that she’s unhealthy?  Because there’s also footage circulating on the internet showing that she requires help to get up from a kneeling position.

This is not normal.  A regular average person, big or petite, is able to get up on his or her own.  Our bones are supposed to be able to lift and carry us.  Being so heavy that you can’t do the simplest actions of daily living unless you have permanent disabilities from severe injuries does not indicate good health (hear that, Whitney Thore?).


Whilst it may not be possible to accurate gauge anyone’s blood work or health readings based on appearance, it is entirely possible to tell how active a person is versus his/her food consumption.  Can people tell that I can balance my eating habits versus my physical activity?  Of course they can.

First, I can lift myself off the ground in spite of a spine injury and shoulder ligament tear.  Second, I was born with fair skin but am fairly tanned due to regular power walking (and it’s FREE!!!) and getting moderate amounts of sun.  Third, I don’t have large amounts of dangerous visceral fat.

The above is regardless of size.  So yes, the body positive community can argue that health readings are not visible to the public.  However, what we eat versus what we burn is absolutely visible and it’s irrevocable.  If we eat junk all the time, it shows.  If we’re so fat that we’re abnormally immobile, it shows.

Facts are facts.  Period.

Wishing you fun,


Varying food presentation keeps things interesting

I’ve shared the smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and caviar/ebiko and truffle oil before, so I won’t bore you with rehashed details.  Instead, how do you serve the same food in a different manner to keep a dish interesting?  Well, I’ll show you another way this time.

My man loves the dish, so I spoil him with him now and then.  But things do get stale after a while and meals are no different.  So on a Saturday, when we were having our mid-afternoon beers, I decided to present the dish differently but, hopefully, as attractively.


Tadah!  Well, it worked.  My man attacked his meal with renewed gusto.  I enjoyed my plate as well and it went absolutely well with my bottle of icy liquid sunshine (i.e. beer :P).  I do value my health, but not to the point of being a freak about it.  Hopefully you can see in this blog that you can have a balanced lifestyle AND remain a healthy weight.


Slim people CAN be foodies.  In fact, I adore food the way everyone else does.  But I’m picky about the quality of the ingredients I consume.  Why would I pick what does harm to my body over what gives it beneficial nutrients?  That wouldn’t be very smart, would it?


And to the offendatron who called me a narcissist, heh, I know😛  I love myself and am proud of the fact that I can still remain slim through effort despite my injuries.  What about you?😛

Wishing you fun,


Playful fun!

Joanne, i.e., Ms Fat Mouth, not only was nasty and rude to Lovie and me, she stopped talking to Andy.  You know what they say about the common denominator; if somebody has a problem with lots of people, then the problem lies with not the people, but that person!

I enjoy cordial interactions with Andy as well.  In fact, when it was time to move to different locations, we decided to ham it up for the camera again.  Boohoohoo farewell farewell!  Ok, we still see each other everyday, but it isn’t as easy to have a quick chat like before😛

We can still catch up over meals.  I usually ask him to take me out for chicken rice when the craving hits😛  Andy’s alright but Joanne can’t even get along with an easygoing dude like him.  Pretty soon, she’ll fall out with everybody around her and have to make new friends all over again.


*sob sob*

When I had a chat with my man about Joanne, he said she’s an attention seeker and complain queen.  There’s a Chinese saying, that the evil person will complain first.  Well, she did it and not just once!  And it resulted in her having even fewer people to talk to now.

When I first knew Joanne, she said she wanted to enjoy cordial interactions with everybody like I do.  Well, it’s not going to be possible if she continues to be argumentative and combative.  Not everything has to go her way all the time and she should stop throwing tantrums.

Oh well *shrug*  I still have fun with the people around me.  And I think it speaks volumes about who is the better person : )

Wishing you fun,


Aggressive feminists

Much has been said about the current wave of feminists; most of them aren’t compliments😛  I’m unashamedly against modern feminism and am not afraid to say it.  This is reinforced each time I encounter 1 of them and guess what, I did!  In the comments section of an online article I posted in quite some months back.

A loonie decided to reply, “How ignorant are you?”  Insults are their favourite go to when they disagree with your opinion.  Was I supposed to cower when confronted by these ‘strong and independent women’?  Well, I didn’t.  My reply, “How aggressive are you? : )”  Yes, smiley included, to drive the point in and rub it in good😛

Feminists demand respect for themselves but don’t give respect in turn.  Such double standards are unfair and go against the old school feminist principles of equality for women.  No wonder the manosphere label them ‘entitled snowflakes’.  Because it’s true!


Angry feminist she-male: ‘How ignorant are you?’

I’d rather be ignorant than feminist!😛

Modern feminists ought to remember 1 thing: in order to receive, you have to first give.  You demand respect?  Respect others.  You don’t want to be insulted?  Don’t insult.  You don’t want to be attacked by men?  Don’t attack them.  There.  Simple, right?  But it may still be too difficult for you dimwits to understand😛

I respect old school feminists.  But modern ones?  Their behaviour doesn’t warrant any.

Wishing you fun,