The Law of Attraction resonates so well because it’s based on the principle that I know, therefore I am.  We know our worlds the way we live them from day to day.  When armed with the knowledge that we can improve ourselves and our lots in life, what we know is changed and elevated.

This is the reason I’m sharing my experience with you.  So you know what it’s like to take the plunge and experience something foreign and yet, has benefitted many before us.  LOA is challenging.  You may lose people close to you and that’s disconcerting, but here’s the deal.

When you lose those people, you free up space in your life for people who’re more aligned with you.  You tell the universe, “C’mon, I want something better!”  Well, guess what, the universe will comply!  Once you know what you want, summon the courage to take the step and guess what, destiny will deliver.


Once I took the first step and saw results, I knew it was possible to have what I want.  As long as we show the universe that we reject those people or things that don’t meet our standards, more and more folks who DO meet our standards will appear.

From experience, those who appear are of higher quality, especially when we know that we deserve better and we demonstrate by taking action.  The reverse is also true.  If lower standards are all we know, we accept our lots in life and get stuck in a status quo that doesn’t bring satisfaction.

Our lives can change once we know there’s something better out there.  It’s up to us to apply this knowledge so that our dreams become reality and don’t simply stay dreams.  This is LOA : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

LOA and body positivity

I’ll start this entry with a quote which I find very true.

This is the reason I followed body positivity.  It’s a mindset which affects a lot of people and, matter of fact is, it is spreading.  There’re parts of body positivity that I agree with – spreading confidence.  It encourages people to take the step towards leading a happier life.

I’ve also stated in this blog that I don’t agree with body positivity as well.  This is because, to me, it influences the fat and obese people to accept status quo when they can actually take the step to improve their quality of life and health.

Even worse, body positive activists are telling people to lower the bar.  You need to accept what is a lower standard as attractive.  What in the world is this?! :O  The reason there’re still people objecting to this is, like me, we believe in raising the bar and not lowering our expectations at all.  This is how we improve our lives!


Similarly, I get very upset when told that I need to lower my standards and expectations.  I do my level best to improve and raise myself so why should I accept any less than the very best?  This includes how people treat me.  When I see how others treat me with respect and are prepared to give me the very best, how can I accept anything less and be happy?

Kai told me a long time before never to settle and he’s right.  If we settle for second best, we’ll never truly find happiness.  Once I started eliminating the people who expected me to accept substandard treatment, I freed up the space in my life for those who’ll push me to a higher level.

And here is how it ties in with the Law of Attraction.  I am a quality person.  I only deserve the best.  I want nothing but the best.  I want winners in my life.  Guess what?  The universe is delivering.  Body positivity doesn’t have much of a place in my life except, I did the work, I’m proud of my effort and  body.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


Things are a tad hectic at work and when the going gets tough, the tough………..

……… get TLC from the right people๐Ÿ˜›

Enter suave Antho, a friend of a decade!  His pampering is always in the form of delicious food and beautiful ambience and he certainly delivered yet again!

This time, Antho took me to Garibaldi at Purvis Street.  Nicholas came along for the gluttony session.  Their set meal for the day had a white truffle theme at $88++ per pax.  The entrees and main were infused with fragrant, mushroomy goodness!

The restaurant was soooooooo romantic!!!!!!!

First, the heavenly prociutto ham and burrata topped with porcini mushrooms.

Pasta with white truffles… OMG……..

Grilled hamachi with crab meat and whatever Aurora sauce is.  This is so good.

Finally, a chocolate tart with raspberries.

It was actually a lot of food and I was completely stuffed after the meal but the calories were worth it.  Antho actually asked me to gain another kilo OMG!!!

Because my dear friend gave TLC without hesitation when I asked for it………


Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


I’ve benefitted and continue to benefit from applying the Law of Attraction.  Yes, taking the first step may seem scary but when you grit your teeth and take the plunge, you’ll find that it gets easier and easier to continue acting to achieve what you want.

As it gets easier, your self esteem grows.  Your whole demeanour changes.  You’re happier.  You walk taller.  You take more confident strides.  You smile and laugh more.  People around you will notice the difference.

Sure, it disrupts status quo.  But it may also IMPROVE our situations!  Guess what, when you summon up the courage to take the step, you’ll find yourself facing more and more positivity.  More vibrant and confident people started chatting to me.  We make one another laugh and brighten our respective moods!

As we attract more and more of these people who make us feel great, we’re more ready to discard what we’re no longer willing to accept.  C’mon, it’s common sense to make room in our lives for the people and things that contribute to our personal happiness!

The LOA helps us to raise the bar and up our standards.  Isn’t that what life is about, to grow and progress rather than regress?  By letting go of people holding us back, we free ourselves from the shackles and move onto bigger and better things!

As we start to attract people and situations that exemplify who we’re meant to be, we become the very best version of ourselves.  We leave the past behind and associate with people who’re more on the same wavelength.  That is the beauty of LOA.  Why stagnate? : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


1 of the most important contributions the Law Of Attraction has made in my life is the setting and reinforcing of personal boundaries.  I’ve had to do this and, although it made certain people dear to me unhappy, I had to stand firm.

I need to be treated the way I want to be treated in order to be happy.  I was prepared to lose these people for the sake of my own well being.  Instead, my time is better spent on those who’re prepared to honour my personal boundaries and respect them.  I feel good when I interact with them and willingly return the goodwill.

I communicated clearly how I expect them to treat me and if they aren’t prepared to honour this, they’re instantly dropped with the promise that if they respect my wishes, they’re welcome into my life again.  Once I took action, it became easier for me to reinforce my personal boundaries again and again : )

R has been practising LOA and he’s been really delightful!  After establishing and reinforcing my boundaries, I then proceeded to ask people for what I want and, guess what, I got whatever I asked for!  They willingly gave it!๐Ÿ˜€

After experiencing this, it’s easier to drop the people who react negatively towards my attempts to assert myself and stand my ground.  I’m definitely more than willing to be nice to people who give and reciprocate the kindness and respect.

This is the wonderful experience I’ve had with LOA and I want to experience more of it.  I’m going to share it with Antho, who I’ll meet tomorrow and R, when we meet next Saturday!  Can you tell I’m feeling good yet?๐Ÿ˜›

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon


I came across the Law of Attraction by accident.  Well, perhaps it was meant to be.  I wanted to improve and be the best version of myself and that was when I first learnt of the principle.

Essentially the LOA states that we attract whatever vibes we send out to the world because like attracts like.  The state we’re in will reflect back to us.  So what have I been doing?  I’m working on looking for positive things in my life daily.

Guess what, it’s working!  I recently started practising it and already I’m in a better place.  I work at bringing joy and laughter to whoever comes into contact with me and they really do respond in the same manner!

We can have whatever we want as long as we do the work.  Applying the LOA to my life yielded results and this is only the beginning.  I’ve included my parents in this and so far, it improved our relationship and their marriage as well!  At least they are united by being supportive of me!

In order to fully reap the benefits of LOA, we need to have the faith that it will work.  We need to want what we want enough.  Once we’re prepared to give it a try and commit to it, it really does reflect back to us.  Seeing the results only makes us want to try even more : )

If any of you are practising LOA in your lives, do get in touch.  I would be happy to hear from you.  Let’s lift one another up.  Heck, the new blog will be all the good that LOA does in my life!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

My first client!

Well, well, well!  Imagine, someone with no fitness qualifications, no experience whatsoever, got hired to train somebody!  Yup yup, I got my first client.  He was convinced after seeing the success I had with Cherry and my beautician.

From frumpy on the left to the hottie on the right today!  Cherry is on the right track by eating fresh food and plenty of it, staying active and moving about more.

My client picked me up yesterday morning and we headed to the gym for some relentless work for an hour.  He was perspiring buckets after we were done and enjoyed it.  We also had short chats during the 1 minute break between sets.

I’m quite excited about this; if it works well, there could be referrals.  It’s a paid hobby; what can be better?  Life is more fun when we do the things we enjoy and time passes quickly too : )

Something else that happened which was good lately is my cousin, Kelly.  I’ll share that soon.  It’s been a little busy lately as I’m trying to apply what I learnt in the self help books.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon