Desperation puts women at risk of love scams

Although Amanda and I are no longer in touch, we have mutual friends.  1 of them shared that she joined a dating website to try and find a partner, but ended up swindled.  At first glance, the handsome man was the signal that all her dreams had come true.


Amanda is 1 of those fat women who have oodles of confidence.  Thus, she also believes that she deserves the very best in terms of a partner.  The man should be ambitious, well to do, have a good job, be smart, etc etc etc.  This good-looking scammer claimed he drove a luxury car and drew a whopping salary.  He claimed to work in 1 of the largest banks in Hong Kong although he was from China.

Both of them started texting to get to know each other and the dude told Amanda all that she wanted to hear.  It wasn’t long before they began an online long distance relationship.  This was when he started telling her to invest in the finance products he was selling.

Although Amanda was hesitant, she was too smitten to listen to the little voice inside of her.  She also made plans to visit him in Hong Kong and bought the flight tickets.  But the visit never happened.  She found out she had been scammed.


Kissing dreams of love goodbye

Amanda filed a police report and cancelled her flight.  It was a costly lesson, but there’s something to be learnt.  Women who’re too desperate for love and attention are less discerning and, consequently, too gullible, leaving them vulnerable to dating scams.

Also, as a very intelligent lady told me once:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Amanda was heartbroken over the episode.  Despite how nasty she got towards the end of our friendship, I sympathise with her plight.  Hopefully, by sharing her story, other women can avoid these cruel love cheats.

Wishing you fun,


Twinkle twinkle Little Twin Stars!

Yen Ling and I get along very well.  We believe in fairness and harmony and we bond over our great love – fashion!  Because our tastes are similar, we end up buying the same dress or other apparel unknowingly!  However, unlike people who’re wary of being caught in the same outfit as a friend or colleague, we create laughs in the office by arranging to wear the same thing!πŸ˜›


Because we’re so similar, some colleagues commented that we’re like twins!  So we jokingly referred to ourselves as the Little Twin StarsπŸ˜›  Whenever we wear the same item to work, it brings more fun and conversation.  Colleagues even offer to help us take photos together!πŸ˜›

When people are filled with confidence and positivity, they’re more concerned with making those around them feel at ease instead of expecting society to cater to them and their feelings.  They focus on creating a fun atmosphere instead of constantly grumbling and complaining.

This generates a good cycle because people like being around us and seek our company.  With us, they focus on happy thoughts rather than unpleasant ones.


Because we believe in having fun in everything we do, life becomes more interesting and meaningful.  From fashion to loved ones, family and friends to hobbies, it pays to enjoy every single moment and making an effort to improve on ourselves.  Life is boring if we stay stagnant.

So yes, Yen Ling and I are the Little Twin Stars now.  Guess what?  We do plan to wear another coordinating outfit again sometime laterπŸ˜›  The office needs some cheer from time to time : )

Wishing you fun,


You don’t need perfection; you just need to do your best

Nothing annoys offendatrons more than women who’ve put in the effort to eat right and be physically active being proud of their physiques.  It doesn’t matter to us that we aren’t perfect.  Knowing that we have the discipline and determination to maintain our bodies is enough.

I’ve been very open in this blog.  If I were that obsessed with perfection, I would’ve photoshopped my photos before posting them.  Instead, I’ve left them as is to show you that when you’ve done your level best, you’ll naturally be confident and nobody can take that away from you.


I have my fair share of shamers.  Oh come now, do you honestly think I don’t?πŸ˜›  Yet, their vicious words don’t dampen my confidence at all.  My spine injury is tremendously painful and I can’t do all the strenuous things that fitness professionals do.  Add to that the recent shoulder ligament tear and it places even more fitness restrictions.

I’ve never claimed to be perfect.  In fact, in past entries, I’d highlighted that my body is far from perfect.  But I’m proud of it all the same because I’d achieved it despite the injuries and, mind you, the spine injury has been with me since I was 17 years old!


So if I can be body positive despite the shamers and haters, why can’t you?  This is especially so if you don’t have any injuries inhibiting you from being more active.  There’re so many things that I can’t do, but you can!  If I can be relatively thin and toned, you can do much better!

There’s no reason to limit yourself.  There’s no reason to buy the lies some body positive activists spread.  There’s no reason to languish in mediocrity.  You admire handicapped athletes.  So do I.  In fact, they’re my inspiration.  If they can do wonders despite their handicap, there’s no excuse for me to not do even better.

For every sob story we hear, there’re always worse ones.  For every single misfortune we suffer, there’re people worse off.  So why should we throw pity parties all the time?  I’d rather be a winner any day.

Wishing you fun,


Unhealthy snacks – gotta live a little!

I mentioned at the start of the year that adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of the sinful and, often, most delicious things in life.  You can enjoy your beer or champagne.  You can have dessert.  You can also eat crunchy fried food that is utterly yummy!!!




Fried chicken?  Hell yeah!  MacWings, truffle fried chicken from KFC and prawn paste chicken go well with beer and we eat them!  Nothing like munching on the crisp batter and skin, then sinking our teeth into the juicy, tender and flavourful meat beneath.  You DO NOT need to give this up.




Cheesy hotdogs, ham and cheese and greasy spam?  Sure, why not?  Again, these are heavenly with beer and when eaten in moderation, they make life worth living (and enjoying!)πŸ˜›  We have these as our treats from time to time and we’re not obese.  You DO NOT need to give this up.



And the 2 most sinful but most delicious of all?  Deep fried chicken and pork skins and deep fried fish skin with salted egg yolk.  If you adopt a healthier lifestyle, does it mean you have to deprive yourself of tasty snacks and lead a life of deprivation?  Not at all!  You DO NOT need to give this up.


You can still consume unhealthy food and not have a huge belly!  You can still consume beer and not have an unsightly beer gut.  But leading a healthier lifestyle WILL make you feel tons better, fresher and more energetic.  So what are you waiting for, really?  Get going!

Wishing you fun,


You’re so hot!

When Ashley Graham made it to the front covers of Sports Illustrated and Maxim, the body positive community cheered.  Congratulations poured in from plus size women all over the world.  To them, Ashley Graham represented the hope that heavier bodies would be more represented in the media.

In the comments section of various articles and in forums, men made their opinions known about the curvasexalicious beauty.  Some found her acceptably attractive; many others didn’t.  It was interesting to read what social justice warriors and fat feminists try so desperately to censor.

For the record, this is the champion of plus size women.

Her confidence is amazing.  And…………….. such feminine, tiny feet!

Plus size women rushed to Ashley Graham’s defense when any man dares to disparage the curvy model’s figure.  They screamed and insulted those men, but the men stood their ground firmly and defended their opinions.  After all, everyone has our own tastes and preferences.


At the end of the day, all sorts of people exist and the SJWs and fat feminists would do well do accept that just as they lobby for fat acceptance.  Some men find plus size women hot.  Some men strictly prefer BBWs.  Some men prefer waifs.  Many men prefer a healthy weight.

But really, if we’re confident after having made an effort to treat our bodies well, who cares?  There’s someone for everyone and despite the disparaging remarks made against size 0 bodies, I still receive compliments about having a hot physique on a regular basis and it helps me feel good everyday.

This is what body positivity should really be about, isn’t it?

Wishing you fun,


Continuing to #rockthecroptop!

After O magazine offended the body positive community by suggesting that anyone with a big belly can’t wear cropped tops, somebody started the #rockthecroptop campaign.  Lots of heavy beauties showed off their style chops by donning the cropped top with gorgeous bottoms!

The plus sized fashionistas who got it right looked downright awesome!

Whoever would’ve thought that polka dots and stripes could go together?  Kudos to the lass who carried it off with panache!

Cropped tops are wonderful when the weather is unbearably warm.  They go with everything, from high-waisted jeans and skirts to skorts, shorts and jeggings.  I try to wear them as often as I can until the days turn cooler.  The trend is to wear baggy and loose clothes now, but these don’t suit my frame at all.


The #rockthecroptop campaign was a success and showcased many larger ladies’ admirable ability to mix and match to come up with amazing outfits.  I hope the crop top continues to remain fashionable as it is a versatile piece that should be part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Continue to #rockthecroptop during the warmer months!

Wishing you fun,


Tell body positive activists what they wanna hear!

I was chatting with my man at the balcony over the weekend and I told him about the body positive women screaming at men who dare to say that they don’t find fat/obese bodies attractive.  They insist that they be found equally as beautiful, attractive and sexy as thin women.

After laughing, he scoffed, “Why don’t the men just tell them what they want to hear?  Yes, they’re sooooooooooooooo beautiful.”  I then pointed out the repercussions.  If these men happen to prefer slender to fat, then saying this would encourage fat women to hit on them instead of those they’re attracted to.

I can see why he suggested the other men tell the body positive community what they want to hear.  Then they won’t be verbally abused and crucified simply for stating that they don’t find fat/obese bodies attractive.  And they won’t be subjected to doxxing for that either.


However, I beg to differ.  Everyone has differing tastes; some men prefer bigger women and some don’t.  If all men were to declare that fat bodies are as attractive to them as thin bodies, they’ll only invite unwanted advances.  Worse, they’ll have to reject these innocent women and, consequently, parties get hurt and embarrassed.

That’s why I don’t understand why some fat/obese women are against men stating upfront that they prefer women who take care of themselves, i.e. physically active and slender.  It saves these larger ladies heartache and time because they can then focus on those who prefer their body types.  Everybody wins!

Well, my man and I will just have to agree to disagree like adults.  He sure is grateful I haven’t gone all social justice warrior on him and yelled at him for preferring to be with a slender woman who’s active.  He’d dump any social justice warrior, fat or thin, in a heartbeat!

Wishing you fun,