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Aquarius Moon


New Year’s resolution

Riiiiiiight.  Some people dread New Year’s resolutions, some make them but don’t keep them.  In order to ensure I stick to keeping them, for many years now, I only make ONE New Year’s resolution every year 😛  That’s right, ONE 😛  The reason is, it’s easier to direct all my focus onto keeping that resolution than it is to keep many.  I would be too distracted.

Sometime in October or November, I come up with a list of what I want to do.  Once December arrives, I start to narrow down to what I really want to achieve the next year and what I can realistically achieve.  Over the weeks, the list shortens as resolutions that aren’t feasible nor important enough are eliminated.

So finally I have……. ONE! 😀  Next year, this lass is going to dance again!  Not professionally, not taking classes (ok, maybe classes if the timeslots coincide with my schedule), but dancing for the sheer fun of it.  I would like to increase physical flexibility.

I’ve lost 11 kilos in total since 2008 and kept the weight off for years.  There wasn’t any crash dieting involved.  I just made fresh food and being active a part of my life again.  I’m at a healthy weight for my height and skeletal frame, so now it’s time to increase flexibility.

I stopped dancing for about 2 years and felt the difference.  I missed the fluid movement, fully immersing myself in the music and moving to the rhythm of a song.  So in 2017, I’ll take up dancing again because it’s so enjoyable.  If we want something enough, we’ll always make time for it.

Everybody has the freedom to decide how many resolutions they want to make.  Only making 1 resolution a year and focusing on achieving it works for me.  I don’t scatter my energy trying to fulfil many different goals.  Instead, working steadily towards keeping 1 resolution works for me : )

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Boxing Day fun!

The niece enjoyed the dance session over Christmas so much, she didn’t mind sacrificing her morning swim to learn dance again on Boxing Day!  So Cherry, Noe and I headed to Chinese Swimming Club for a day of activities.

My new striking blue Asics shoes!  They’re so cute, right? 😀

While Cherry hit the treadmill for a power walk, Noe and I did some Latin American dance steps.  I showed her how to sway properly and put together a simple dance.  She loved it!  The session left her exhausted, so while waiting for Cherry, we amused ourselves by making silly faces.

She got 4 bottles of nail polish for Christmas.  I’d ordered them because they change colours according to the temperature!

I threatened to send these photos to Kelly, but Noe screamed no because she didn’t want her daddy posting them up in Facebook 😛  Why not?  They’re hilarious! 😛

When Cherry was done, we had lunch – buffet again – at Manzhu Cafe.

My share 😛  You see?  Size 0 women don’t necessarily starve themselves to be thin.  Some of us maintain a healthy weight and slim physique by being active and moving about a lot.  We also don’t eat junk food all the time.  There’s no special secret nor magic formula.

Noe had 2 bowling sessions as a treat.  After that, she had a round at the arcade games.  By then, Cherry and I were exhausted.  Noe was getting a wee bit tired thanks to the dancing!  It was good news for her parents as it meant she would sleep early and soundly 😛

It was a great day.  I sent the photos to R, who’s now enjoying his vacation in Peru.  I’m so jealous 😛  But he texted me during his flight and almost daily, sharing with me the beautiful sunsets and morning skies.  We’ve grown pretty close : )

The New Year will soon arrive.  Any resolutions?  I’ll share mine soon!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Buffet buffet buffet!

Ahh yes, the festive period.  The time to enjoy delicious meals with our loved ones.  My cousin Kelly, his wife Cherry and my little niece Noe, squeezed in a buffet lunch at Brazil Churrasco before visiting Grandma.

I’m loving the slight weight gain.  I feel more radiant and have received compliments!  Like I shared in an earlier entry, I did it for health reasons.  Looking better is the icing on the cake and the compliments are a happy bonus!  In fact, a friend just said the above photo is really nice! 😀

K was really into the meats.  You can have as much as you want.  There’s a bar where you can help yourself to the pasta, potatoes, rice and assorted veggies.  We see families and friends here, tucking into fragrant lamb, beef, smoked duck, chicken and fish!

I usually start with the bar.  So here are egg mayo, shrimp with bok choy, pumpkin, scrambled eggs, chilled roasted capsicums and mushrooms.  Then came the meats!!!

Oh gawd, lamb.  And the best part was the fat.

Smoked duck breast.


This is my portion, i.e. yes, I ate all of it myself.  Everybody else had their own portions.  I’ve mentioned countless times before that maintaining a healthy weight doesn’t mean starving nor a lifetime of nibbling on kale and celery.  The body positive liars have pulled off a massive con job there.

Being a size 0 doesn’t immediately make somebody anorexic.  An anorexia sufferer wouldn’t dream of eating what I do, nor the amount I do.  I don’t spend hours in the gym either, but I make time for regular exercise and move a lot daily.  That’s it.  No magic formula, no fad diets, no magic pill.  Just lots of fresh and nutritious food.

Cherry eats the same way.  Both of us radiate good health although we have different body types and skeletal frames.  We are energetic, we love moving and we enjoy wearing pretty clothes!  After losing weight, Cherry is proudly flaunting her curves in sexy fitted tops and mini skirts!

Bottomline is, buffets are nothing to be afraid of if we eat in moderation, we choose fresh and nutritious dishes and we remain active.  Cherry’s a proud size 4.  I’m a size 0.  We eat.  We have buffets.  But we lead relatively healthy lives.

So can you.  Merry Christmas!

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

2 kilo weight gain – before and after

I’ve deliberately gained a little weight.  2 kilos or about 4.4lbs.  I’d always been at the lowest end of a healthy weight range for my height and skeletal frame.  However, there wasn’t any buffer for those rare times I fell sick or suffered from food poisoning.  I ended up underweight and looked horrible.

So I put on 2 kilos on purpose to provide that buffer for my body.  To do this, I ate like a cow.  It worked; my body thickened quite a bit.  I’m pretty small-boned so the weight gain was bloody obvious.  Mission accomplished.  My next goal was to convert the excess flesh to lean muscle.

To do this, I had to switch up my routine and get even more active.  In 2 weeks, I achieved some results.  The horrific big belly is (thankfully) gone.  Moving more isn’t a problem since my nature isn’t sedentary.  I get so bored and sleepy when forced to sit for extended periods of time.

Whilst there’re people who prefer watching telly, reading or writing to moving about, I’m not 1 of them.  They have the right to decide what to do with their lives and, if they’re honest that weight loss isn’t their priority, I respect their choice and frankness.

My fitness and mobility are top priority.  I’ll always make time for being active, regardless of how busy my days get.  If it means sacrificing time used for blogging or the telly, so be it.  If it means waking up earlier, so be it.  I’ll just switch things round a bit to accommodate the changes in my routine.

If we want something enough, there will always be time for it.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Christmas indulgence

Argh.  I’m so going to watch my waistline VERY closely.  Buffet meals like what I had with Simon can cause unnecessary weight gain, especially during the festive season 😛  We caught up at Basilico, at Level 2 at the Regent Hotel.

So pretty!  It’s a refreshing change from the many, many, MANY Christmas trees and Santas.  Simon just HAD to be photographed with it!

The buffet spread was pretty scrumptious.

Catching up was great.  Simon was complaining that both he and his wife are getting fat.  She’s been exercising to lose some weight whereas he confessed to being too lazy although he’s considering buying a treadmill so that he can exercise at home.

I don’t think he’s fat, but he’s thickened around his middle and, for someone who’s always been thin, he found the change unacceptable.  I’m just glad that both he and his wife are making healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Christmas is a time for merrymaking.  As long as we indulge in moderation, we’ll be able enjoy ourselves without worrying too much about weight gain.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon

Aww, poor butthurt Amy Schumer!

Well!  As if the public hasn’t seen enough examples of Amy Schumer’s hypocrisy, she now labels all those who asked her to keep her word and leave the US after Trump got elected president ‘disgusting’!  Worse, she continued to insult Trump supporters as if we need a vulgar bitch to enlighten us.

Puhlease, @amyschumer *facepalm*  You and the likes of attention-seeking, vulgar you, give true blue, old-school, feminists a bad name.  You’re an insult to the truly strong women I know and respect who work tirelessly to improve the lives of impoverished and abused women in other parts of the world.

The feminists I count as friends are classy and refined.  So why should I listen to the vitriol spewing out of your flapper lips which are as loose as some other part of your anatomy that you love talking about and I would rather not hear of?

I’m so BUTThurt that you really want me to leave!  You assholes!  You’re supposed to love me!

Strong women, true feminists, wouldn’t be butthurt over something so trivial as people not liking them. Their egos are not so over-inflated as @amyschumer because there’re far more important things to care about, such as building wells to supply clean water and arranging for free medical care for destitute women.

The feminists I know don’t need to flaunt their sexuality.  They know that gender equality means, just as promiscuous men are despised by society, it’s only right that the same treatment extends to promiscuous women and @amyschumer loves bragging about being able to catch a [censored] anytime despite her hefty body.

So to Amy and her other pseudo-feminist brats, go to hell.  You insult the women who genuinely work for the interests of other women.  You and the likes of attention-seeking, vulgar you, are into feminism for your respective self-serving agendas.  For that, a big eff you, from me, to you.  I don’t respect you.

Wishing you fun,

Aquarius Moon